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Refsoc Magazine is reborn
As many will know The RefSoc Magazine is under new editor ship and because of the cost of publishing this will be restricted to an Electronic offering. New RefSoc

Adam Morrison has taken on the role of 'Editor in Chief'. There has been a little delay in producing the first issue of the new era as a few loose ends were tidied up. Adam has also been away enjoying himself with his school (he calls it work!!)

We hope you enjoy the first offering. Adam has plenty of ideas so expect some developments over the next few issues. As always any ideas or contributions are always welcome. Read the new Refsoc .....

Nearly the start of the new season
Well there has never really been a break with 7's tournaments, Women and Girl tournaments and School tournaments taking place over the last 2 months.
With the first round of the 4 Senior Durham County Cup Competitions taking place on the 30th August and League fixtures starting on the first weekend in September it is likely that most clubs will be getting in at least a couple of practice matches during August
Gareth Foreman (left) and Phil Jukes

New referees are always welcome
The society is always keen to welcome new referees. One of the latest recruits Gareth Foreman is well used to refereeing matches without a whistle in his hand, but like many others had to rely on the man with the whistle listening to his wise words and advice!! The phrase "poacher come gamekeeper" springs to mind. Enjoy your refereeing. He is joined by Phil Jukes. Both completed the ELRA Course at Seaton Carew under the guidance of David Swainson

Gradings for 2014-2015
The grading committee gathered under darkness at a secret location to consider 96 reports from the 2nd half of the season. The gang of 7 had a full and frank exchange and only a moderate amount of blood was spilt as the decisions were reached and MS was tasked with speaking to those not only who would go up and down but also those who the grading committee felt might benefit from some feedback as to grading committees thoughts.
See April 2014 Grading list


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