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Referee Society's AGM
The Annual General Meeting of the Durham County RFU Referees' Society will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday 28th May at Durham City RFC

Grading The latest Grading list is now availabe see Grading - April 2015

Next Season
How will the 2014-2015 season's promotion and relegation's affect the number of games available for appointment in Durham
At level 6 Horden's brief time in North 1 East came to an end and will return to level 7 for 2015-2016 season. However Westoe who were in level 5 also were relegated so the number of clubs at level 6 remain at 2 so there will be 26 fixtures to appoint

At level 7, no Durham club was promoted and one,Sundeland was relegated. With no Durham club being promoted from level 8 and Horden dropping down from level 6 the number of Durham Clubs at level 7 will remain the same at 8. This means there will be 104 level 7 league fixtures available for appointment

At level 8 Sunderland drop down from Durham and Northumberland level 7 into D&N 2. There is no Durham club promoted but 2, South Tyneside College and Hartlepool BBOB are relegated out of the league. On a plus point, Houghton, the only Durham club to be promoted this season will take their place in D&N 2 so again the number of Durham clubs in the league will remain the same. This means 91 fixtures are available for appointment

At level 9 Houghton being promoted and two coming down means a net increase of 1 Durham club in D&N 3.

This assumes all the clubs are able to continue and non withdraw from the league structure. It is unconfirmed that West Hartlepool TDSOB have applied to join the league so if this goes ahead it will mean 2 extra clubs which will mean 120 fixtures to appoint in level 9 league games

The number of fixtures at any level will have to take into account, exchanges, federation appointments and federation squad priority so it may be that the previous aspiration to give each referee a league game at their level every week may no longer be possible.

Of course next season throws in the unknown of the World Cup, but no one can clearly predict what will be the impact

New refsoc available
Adam Morrison has produced an end of season edition of the RefSoc mag. Many of you will receive this direct to your inbox but incase you don't or you have deleted the link you can see a copy if you follow the link Latest RefSoc Mag.    It is well worth a look.


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Think you know the law?
Why not visit the IRB website and take the law exam.
Laws and Regulations

Don't be a Head Case campaign
In another player safety initiative is aimed specifically at raising awareness of the dangers of blows to the head and concussion.   Will Halford, Area Training Officer of the RFU gave a presentation at the October Durham County Referee Society meeting - see information

  Group Hug!!
Each year before the season starts, The Catalunya Society have a training weekend that most of the referees attend. On this weekend which takes place in the mountains, the refs train, go over the laws, actually play rugby so some refs can "practice" their skills, spend time together socialising and drink.

This year two Durham refs were invited to attend this gathering and David Hines and Phil Walton (sorry for previous error!) joined the group and had a great time although word has come back that any refs attending any future events may need to get in some early drinking practice.
see a report of their visit

Would Durham refs be interested in a similar kind of event?

The Catalunya Society
International Exchanges - Catalan visit to North East
The Catalonia Society (Northern Spain) hopefully had an enjoyable visit. They have sent a brief report of their visit. See the report

New Video equipment
The new video equipment is being put to good use and over 55 videos of referees have been taken so far this season. The quality of the video's is much better and therefore hopefully of more benefit to referees and coaches. The video's are made available to clubs if they so request but only after the citing period of 14 days has been passed.

The videos have been watched in a number of different countries such as USA, Spain, France, Canada, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, Turkey, Cambodia as well as the UK.

New referees are always welcome
The society is always keen to welcome new referees. This season we have a number of new recruits. Hopefully we will all meet at the monthly Friday training meetings.

Refsoc Magazine
As many will know The RefSoc Magazine is under new editor ship and because of the cost of publishing this will be restricted to an Electronic offering. New RefSoc

Adam Morrison who took on the of 'Editor in Chief' and is supported by Mark Smith has issued his 2nd edition.
We hope you enjoy this second offering. Adam has plenty of ideas so expect some developments over the next few issues. As always any ideas or contributions are always welcome. Read the new Refsoc .....

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